Kiiroo is a leading sex toy maker in the industry. From masturbators to dildos and other fantasy toys, they have something for every sexual need for both men and women.  They also have a line of sensual products for couples to heighten sexual experience.

Cliona: Clitoral Massager

One of the featured products of Kiiroo for women’s pleasure is the Cli0na, which is a clitoral stimulator. A small, pocket size toy with powerful vibrations that would definitely give you the satisfaction you seek.

Its powerful motor is located inside the head part and not on the body. This means that you will get the strongest vibrations from the where the massager touches your body. You will get fantastic sensations with strong, but gentle vibrations from this toy. Cliona’s palm size allows it to be held easily and comfortably. You hold it by the larger end and have the vibrating head massage where you want stimulation. It comes with touch sensitive buttons with patterns and intensities to choose.

Though designed specifically to stimulate the clitoris, this bad boy can be used as a body massager, providing relaxation to all parts of the body.  You can also insert the toy to stimulate the inside and the opening area. You can use Cliona to send amazing sensations to the most sensitive nerve endings of your intimate area.  With its multiple power and features, it can provide you with satisfying sensations regardless of where you use it. You can use it alone or you can play with it with your partner.

Product Features

With Cliona as Bluetooth enabled, you can fully enjoy this toy. It is compatible with the Feel Connect smart phone app.  Once you are done downloading the app onto your smartphone, you can connect the toy.  The applications controls several functions. If you have to play with it with someone in another city or country, you can pass its control to that person by simply using your phone through the internet.

You can also connect this toy to any interactive content via the Feel Connect app. You can enjoy real time sensual experiences with over 4,000 interactive videos that contain with the same erotic content.  You can learn more about this feature on the packaging provided with the product.

Material and Care

Cliona is made from ABS, silicon. With 100% body safe material, it has a smooth matte finish. Cliona has a fully rechargeable motor with recharging cables, which you can charge for two hours and can enjoy it for up to one hour. Cliona is 100% waterproof and you can even submerge it, so you can play with it anywhere.

Use warm water and a toy cleaner to clean Cliona. Through running water though, and not soak it while cleaning it.  Dry it completely before storing it. Place it in a cool dry storage area that is away from direct sunlight.