If the female body is sensitive in some places more than in others, it is just as right for the male body. So to make up sir in the seventh heaven, ladies, follow the guide!

It is essential to take good care of him, working his erogenous zones — a small inventory of the parts to work during your next preliminaries.

1. The testicles

Centrepieces of the male love apparatus, some men appreciate that their partner caresses their testicles. But be careful not to exert too much pressure, or linger too long: this part of the body is the most sensitive when touched very lightly and furtively.

But if you want to surprise your partner and give him a pleasure that he has probably never felt with others, do this: drink something hot, then stroke with your tongue the area between the two testicles. The result is going to be amazing.

However, some men love BDSM. Then you can try the practice cock and ball torture. Playing with a man’s scrotum can be painful or pleasurable. The goal of BDSM is to make CBT both painful and pleasurable.

2. The nipples

Dear ladies, you are probably aware that men are also receptive to the caresses of nipples and nipples. The reason? As on all erogenous zones or almost, the skin is particularly thin, making these places very sensitive. The hairs on the chest accentuate this sensitivity. You can stroke the nipples with one or two fingers, without pressing.

Better yet: play on the temperature contrast. Bring your mouth with his nipples, blow hot air, then lick them quickly with your tongue. (Alternatively, you can use an ice cube.) This sudden shift from hot to cold will drive up the excitement.

3. The perineum

If everyone focuses on the penis, many still forget the perineum. This is the part between the anus and the scrotum, the “root” of the penis and testicles. Why is the perineum an erogenous zone? Simply because that is where a bone is located that touches a highly important part of the male love apparatus: the prostate. By pressing slightly (or less lightly, as your man prefers) on the perineum, you exert pressure on the prostate. In any case, if you have never explored this area, go slow. And if ever the operation causes an unpleasant sensation, stop.

4. The prostate

If the prostate can be stimulated indirectly and directly. Place your man in a position where his anus is relaxed and comfortable to access, and introduce your finger, previously lubricated, to the second phalanx. Bend your finger inward, and you will feel a ball whose size is reminiscent of a brown: it is the prostate. Sometimes by pushing your finger on its surface, sometimes by pressing on it, you will stimulate this essential gland for the sexual act.

Be careful, however, not to spend too much time. On the one hand because, generally, it does not take much time for this stimulation to end with a powerful orgasm. On the other hand, because in the case of insufficient lubricant, you risk irritating the prostate.

5. Folds


When we speak of “folds”, in reality, we speak of several areas, which have one thing in common (and we said it above): the skin is particularly thin. These are the ear lobes, the inner thighs, the elbows inside and the inside of the knees. But be careful: you must be careful not to tickle. For the best effect, stimulate these areas very quickly, between the stimulation of other areas or simultaneously with them. Play on the unexpected: promptly move your finger on one of its folds, and move on even before your man is aware of what has just happened.