If a sex shop were to offer a custom sex doll (male or female) representing your dream person, would you buy such a doll? The doll should be the same size as your dream person, the same figure, of course the same penis size (if male) and the face of your dream person (a photo). However, you have to provide the photo and the dimensions of your dream person yourself, so that the male sex doll can be custom made. Sex dollsare made for both men and women. If the dolls for men have a narrow and ribbed vagina, then women have options with large and firm penises. These custom made sex toys can definitely boast a number of advantages.

Are you benefited?

We all have sexual fantasies and preferences in choosing partners for sex. Often, reality cannot meet our expectations, and this fully explains the popularity of custom made sex dolls. After all, you can choose for yourself exactly the doll that will fully meet your preferences, and just have fun with it without any extra emotional experiences. People have used artificial devices for centuries to enjoy themselves. It’s time for sex dolls to become mainstream. Sex dolls can be considered something obscene, if you have not seen them before. For centuries men and women have used artificial or other devices to meet their sex and partner needs. Of course, modern sex dolls are much more realistic and high-quality than any of the toys of the past.

Why custom made dolls?

There are many more benefits of sex dolls. If you order a sexdolls for yourself, you can be 100% sure of getting sexual satisfaction, as well as having a company at any time. But how do you make the right choice from the whole variety of these beautiful dolls? Every day, manufacturers are developing new and new models, increasing the incredible growth rate of production. Your decision should be based primarily on the budget you are willing to spend on buying a sex doll. In total there are three types of sex dolls for men – standard dolls, fetish dolls and alternative dolls.

Are sex dolls really safe to use?

For obvious reasons, the sex toy industry has not always been successful as it has often been viewed as obscene. Thanks to many accompanying factors such as a change in thinking and the rejection of society of certain stereotypes, the industry is flourishing at the same time today. Despite the above, many people today are wondering how safe these sex dolls are.

Well, these dolls are completely safe to use. In fact, custom dolls guarantee their users several advantages at once. Unlike women, these dolls are always available to you, acting as an incredibly convenient alternative. Sex dolls can also be used to meet certain needs, while you do not change your soul mate. Even if you forget about all of the above, the most significant advantage is the inability of the dolls to infect you with a venereal disease.