Over the last decades there have been many changes in human relationships. In the sheer probability of life and challenges that an average individual faces in his day to day life, a functioning human relationship can prove to be quite daunting. With the emergence of smart phones and internet dating, relationships between a man and a woman have been downgraded to casual frivolity, hook ups and one night stands. Even if we ignore those possibilities and give the casual nature towards relationship a wide berth and look towards those that are sincere and serious, there are still cracks on the surface. Most relationships have a lifetime considering that only one in three marriages survive today’s world.

How does one bounce back? A toxic relationship not only addresses the needs of human sexuality but also takes a toll on the individual mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically leaving even the strongest amongst us worse for the wear. Life is never the same after a relationship collapse.

Over the last few years, more and more of men have taken to buying and adopting the uber-realistic love bots of the 21st century. Gone are the days of the nasty blowup sex dolls of the erstwhile era as the shifts in technology and advances of the modern age have allowed artisans and manufacturers alike to create some of the best and the most realistic dolls for today. And they are here to stay.

The latest modifications allow them to stand upright like a normal human being and they are created to fulfill every fantasy capable to mankind. Yes, these dolls are no longer limited to the male sex as there is a “Barbie” to a man, so now there is a “Ken” for a woman. The skin feels real as does the looks of the doll to the point where it makes the human individual ascertain he or she can communicate with the doll in more ways than one.

These dolls are made not only to share our beds but give scope and dimension to the imagination as well where they break through the sense of isolation and seclusion that the best of us feel post relationship. A score have men have fallen in love at first sight with these dolls and their lives have only been for the better. Many have bounced back from the traumas of the past with a twinkle in the eye and an optimism to match.

A few cases are notable to mention. One subject offered advice on the fact that during pregnancy involved a sense of sexual separation from his wife and turned the relationship itself tense by the day. A man has needs and such times only bring the worse in both partners. The animosity did not stop post pregnancy even when his wife gave birth. The loneliness that manifested was hard to bear. However, upon the discovery of the love doll the quality of life improved radically. The wife at first was furious and disgusted by the idea, but slowly came to adapt and be understanding.

This might not be the right way to address a matter of concern but human relationships are often more complex than the needs and understanding of an average individual. Most cases, people don’t come together for the sake of their desires and wellbeing alone. Let alone love! And they all have their own ways to phase in the certain future. Why? Are there not gold diggers and thrill seekers in both sexes?

Thus human relationships have their negatives because of which more and more individuals are opting for real sex dolls instead.