There is number of massage techniques that require use of professional tools. These might be costly and unavailable at the exact moment you need to ease your pain.Also, let’s be honest with ourselves and look into one of our bottom drawers. Yes, those which are meant to hide things we never use. How many of us have this or that massaging tool and only used it once if ever?

Next time you wish you could give yourself a massage using a massaging tool, look no further than what your household already has to offer!

Massage Techniques UsingTools You Have at Home

  1. Tennis Ball

Extremely useful for a trigger point therapy, especially after workout.

  • How to use it: simply roll a tennis ball over your sore muscle or fill a knee-high sock with two tennis balls and work them across the aching area. This will massage deeper and access points your thumbs can’t.

  1. Frozen Water Bottle

Great way how to massage your feet, especially if you spend a lot of time standing for work.

  • How to use it: place a frozen water bottle on the floor and simply roll back and forth under your foot. It is recommended to pay special attention to your heels. Don’t be afraid to put socks on in case your feet get too cold and keep rolling for up to 15 minutes.

  1. Table Spoon

Preferable for small areas such as tennis elbow (you can find more information on how to deal with this injury here), knee pain or ankle pain.

  • How to use it: tilt the spoon so that it touches the skin at 45 degree angle. Scrap the muscle in strokes until the skin turns pink and warm.

Note that scraping technique might be a little uncomfortable so it is important to proceed with good judgement.

  1. Broom

Perfect to ease your leg pain after a whole day of walking or a beast-mode workout.

  • How to use it: roll the broom handle over the sore areas of your legs. You should be able to identify the trigger points which will require kneading and rubbing using a mild but constant pressure.

Are you a massage fanatic who loves to try the newest things on the market or more of a do-it-yourself kind of person? Leave us a comment below and share your choice of massage tools!