During sexual intercourse, if the person has no experience or experience, the woman may experience a frustrating, unsatisfactory and always painful experience. To avoid this, we present a very useful sexual technique in this article. This sexual technique will be very useful for the man who wants to give his girl a kind of satisfaction that she really wants.

Make her scream during orgasms: apply this great sexual technique

The main cause of a woman not having an orgasm during sex is that she was not in a good mood for sex at the beginning of sexual life.

If you push her to have sex with you when she doesn’t want to, she is very likely to feel frustrated after sexual intercourse.

Then you will prepare her for sex before starting. Here come the previous game techniques. These useful techniques to excite your girl before having sex.

Not giving an orgasm to a girl will hinder your next chance to excite her. On the contrary, if you have been satisfied successfully once, you will be more willing to have sex with you later.

Do it calmly and well excited before having sex. Any type of tension on your part will prevent the secretion of fluid from the wall of the vagina, which is very necessary for easy and painless penetration.

If you are not completely relaxed and excited, fluid secretion will not be enough to lubricate your vagina well enough for easy, painless and pleasant penetration. In this case, applying a natural lubricant called Carrageen an in the vagina can be very useful to obtain an additional lubrication that you want for pleasant penetration.

If you have all the moisture from the vagina you want, be sure to apply the sexual technique presented here to give you a wonderful orgasm

powerful sexual technique: the permanent envelope

Sit in front of her in a chair or on the edge of the bed.

Then, sit on your lap, face to face with you. Enter it until it sits. Do it slowly and carefully.

Tell him to hold his hands and feet firmly. Stand up with her. Then look at this. Start doing what you wanted to do.

Do not stop until you give sensational orgasms using this indian sex technique.

Important: Vaginal orgasm or G-spot achieved with this sexual method is very special. You can do it after you and your partner have had sexual intercourse and have been given an orgasm in the clitoris. You will get maximum pleasure from this if it was first an orgasm in the clitoris.

I think the previous sexual techniques that are great and will help you recover the fire during sexual intercourse in the bed room.