Kenyan women have become more open to interracial relationships. Social media, successful interracial relationships and the media have led many women in Kenya to embrace interracial relationships.

People of different races get to interact a lot every day in many platforms in Kenya. The difference between them diminishes and similarities becomes obvious. 

Things to know about Interracial Relationships in Kenya

You experience Different Culture

Interracial relationships in Kenya consists of 2 people who are from different cultural backgrounds. There is so much you can teach each other about your culture. This includes about your history, countries, cultural traditions and tourist attractions.

However, culture clash can occur if both of you will not take time to understand each other very well. The way people are raised influences their ideas about life and everything that comes their way.

In order to eliminate the possibility of culture shock, study his or her country of origin. There are 42 tribes in Kenya. Most of them share same culture with a little difference in each.

The Foundation of your interracial Dating in Kenya has to be strong

If you are dating someone from outside the race in Kenya, your relationship needs to be strong in order to withstand pressure from family, friends and outsiders who want you apart. 

You should know that not everybody will approve your interracial dating in Kenya especially your family and family. For example, some families in Kenya would tell their children which tribe or racial groups they will approve of them dating.

It is possible to be faced with Language and Religion barriers

It is common to see people of different races speaking different languages and having different religions. What to do if your partner speaks a different language than you? When faced with this issue, it is better to learn common language like English where both can understand each other and overcome language barriers.

This will help with communication and even demonstrate how serious you are about making your relationship work. You also need to establish religious understanding in order to overcome any religious barriers that you might have.

It is worth noting that religion has a strong influence in lives of people. For example, Islam gives specific role to a man and woman when they marry and this can affect your marriage a great deal if your spouse will be religious.

If you are both from different religion backgrounds, it is a good idea to discuss if 1 or both of you will adapt to one religion or not.